View Full Version : OCZ Modstream is fried!

08-01-05, 06:28 AM
While playing BF2, my PSU decided to give out on me!
I tried numerous times to restart my computer but to no avail.
Tried disconnecting all the drives, and plugging them one by one but to no avail.
Tried it in a different computer, yet it still wouldn't work.

This sucks! I'm on an Ultra X-Connect right now, that was replaced in favor of this OCZ.

I have sent an email about an RMA to OCZ, and i'm waiting to hear what they have to say. How good are they with warranty work? I bought the PSU back in April, and the OCZ box states the PSU has a warranty for 36 months.

I hope I hear back from them with good news!

08-01-05, 08:05 AM
I'm sure you will, OCZ is great about their warranties. You can call them anytime (during business hours anyway) and they'll fill you in on the step-by-step details.

08-01-05, 11:39 AM
Damn that sucks. Ironicaly, I was just reading the "need a new psu" thread where you recommended the OCZ Modstream that just died on you, heh. OCZ customer service is very good from what I know, so I don't think there should be a problem.

BTW, OCZ is releasing new modstreams that will have dual 12v rails and even a switch to keep them seperate or combine them.

08-01-05, 02:32 PM
yeah it's been real great while I had it!
I've never had any problems with it, until now unfortunately.