View Full Version : Computer Problem, HD or Software? Help Appreciated

08-01-05, 01:22 PM
Hey all, so my Seagate 7200.8 was showing down to 30% fitness in SMART and I was having serious slowdowns, even though disk check didnt see any errors I decided to try an erase, format and reinstall.

Now that I am back up and running everything seemed ok, but now I am getting boot problems where BIOS comes up and then on transition to windows I get blank screen, then I reboot and it boots normally from select how to boot menu(safe, network, normal).

I was using the Nforce 6.53s before with no boot issues, I am currently running the new 6.66s so this could be an issue, how do I uninstall nforce drivers?

The HD is still showing as under 50% fit under SMART. Like half the things come up OK and the rest say nothing.

I have also read that some have fixed boot issues by upgrading their MSI Nforce4s to bios 1.5 so I may try that as well.