View Full Version : WTB: tv tuner

08-01-05, 05:55 PM
i want a tv tuner for my pc, i'm sure some of you have gotten one that's collecting dust, you can make a little money :D lol.

linux compatability isn't an absolute must, but it is very strongly preferred.

how much i will spend depends on what kind of tv tuner it is, but i'm expecting it to be around $20 shipped *shrugs*

08-04-05, 02:54 AM
I was thinking of selling mine but no way for 20 bucks.

08-04-05, 06:52 AM
that's just what i expected to spend, if it's worth more than that i'll pay more. if it's worth $50, tell me, i might buy it

08-05-05, 02:35 AM
eVGA has $99 NVTV single tuner cards on their used "Marketplace" page for $40.

I haven't tested mine yet to see if it uses the Brooktree chip for a MythTV box, so the eVGA marketing "Windows Media Center required" may be true.

08-05-05, 04:51 AM
Okay well I got a pm and Kamel your post is here so what I need to ask is would either of you be interested in purchasing my BeyondTV software license with it at the same time? It's the newest version and cost almost as much as the card. Much better than the included software (look it up online). I'd probably sell BeyondTV for half the current asking price online and still have the original receipt/info email. My PVR 150 is the standard version. Not MCE or low-profile. It includes a 45 button silver remote. I'm have to figure out what it's gonna go for but I'll post tomorrow. I'd like to sell both items together so their may be a discount to the buyer who is willing to take both.

08-06-05, 03:25 PM
yea, i've used the beyondtv software before, it's definitely worth getting.

i will have to think over for the price, but it's a great offering. LMK -- pm me if you like