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08-01-05, 06:55 PM
After upgrading my PSU and vid card, well actually, before and after upgrading my PSU and vid card, my computer has been soooo noisy. usually, in the morning when i turn it on, it is nice and quiet, becuz it was turned off for a long time and its always cool in my house in the mornings. when i go on the internet after i turn it on in the morning, it gets a little louder, but you dont notice it much. but when i go on games, especially BF2 it gets really loud. sometimes while playin bf2, i have a little vibrating d-d-d-d-d-d... noise. then sumtimes it gets loduer and louder until the vibrating stops and i can just hear like a lot of air blowing, which im assuming is the fans. ive used that one hardware monitor program and my HD is always cool while playing games(none of my other hardware's temperatures were picked up by the program) so i dont think my pc was overheating. the psu i just bought is an antec truepower 400w that is supposed to be quiet, but seems a little bit louder then my old 250w default Dell psu. im hopefully buying another gig of heatspread RAM, which will keep my CPU usage really low. will this help in the noise reduction? i was also looking at a cheap water cooling kit too. if any of you can give me some cheap tips thatll keep my pc quiter, itll be much appreciated...

08-02-05, 01:56 AM
All you want to know about noise ... and how to defeat it...



08-02-05, 02:14 AM
Be warned though, SPCR solutions are usually rather extreme.

08-02-05, 02:22 AM
Thats odd, most dell computers are really quiet. I guess they cant to anything right. ;)

Your a bit confused though. Buying more ram is always a good thing, but its not gonna help on pc noise. Cheap watercooling kits are also a bad idea, many of them are worse than the stock coolers cpus come with.

First, make sure all of the screws holding the case together are tight. If anything is loose it can cause an annoying vibration noise. Second, clean out all of the dust from your case. If dust has built up on the fans, they could be forced to work harder to keep the case cool. Make sure dust isn't blocking your CPU heatsink/fan unit which is probably causing the most noise.

If the noise persists then start by replacing the CPU's HSF. This Cooler Master HSF is only 24db and only cost $12 shipped!


Good luck. :thumbsup:

08-02-05, 08:00 AM
Get Zalman coolers for CPU and GPU and either a Seasoniq PSU if you case has enough other airflow or a Enermax noisetaker if you need the PSU to contribute.

I tried a number of alternate video coolers and like the Zalman 700Cu best by far. Very good quality, complete package, easy to install.

Don't forget to get a nice harddrive. I use Seagate 7200s.

08-02-05, 10:55 AM
It sounds like you have more extra noise than should have been caused by simply replacing the PSU.

Theres a couple of causes I can think of:

1) Bad fan bearing. This is most noticable when you first switch the PC on, the fan goes grr-grr-grr-grr-rrr-rrr-rrr then the noise gradually fades as the fan speeds up. Only solution to this is to replace the bad fan.

2) Vibration. This can be caused by fans, but also disc drives and HDs spining up. It happens usually where metal is touching metal but its not tight. E.g. if your case has a motherboard tray and its rattling against the frame. This kind of vibration can produce a variety of very annoying noises, but you can never tell exactly where is coming from. My case used to do it and would go zzzz-zzzz-zzzz periodically, If I kicked the case the noise would stop for a few minutes and then return. The solution to this is to crack open the case and touch things until you find whats vibrating then wedge in a little bit of paper or something to secure it. It may even be something resting on or against the case, like a router or cable.

08-02-05, 12:06 PM
This is one of my little complaints about PC cases. The stupid buzzing and rattling noises they seem prone to producing. Usually it doesn't happen right away. But after you've had the case and fans running in there for six months or so eventually something starts to vibrate in there and it is damn annoying and a PITA to track down.

Not sure why but the cheap Dell cases which are made mostly of plastic hardly ever seem to have this problem. Maybe it's all the thin metal paneling they use in enthusiast cases that contributes to this. Whatever it is it's a real bitch.

08-02-05, 01:18 PM
Its cause Dell uses heavy stainless steel for their cases, then covers it decently well with plastic.. So the case itself doesn't vibrate, and muffles little noises quite well.

My only complaint with Dell cases is sometimes the front fascia around the CD/DVD drives buzz a little if you have a noisy drive/bad cd.. usually a few prods or a slap fixes itthough..

Also, the fans Dell uses are actually pretty decent, for their application.

My 8300 Dell I got for free was at some times almost virtually silent.. There would be times I would shut it off by accident because I thought it was off and went to turn it on.

However, with a PCP&C PSU, 6800GT, upgraded exhaust fan (flows as much as the tornadao), it gives off a health whirl at idle now, and wooshes after hours of continuous active gaming.

08-02-05, 02:59 PM
I had a Dell Dimension 2300 before this computer i have now, It was really loud for a Celeron 1.8ghz, it didn't have the fan right on the cpu, which I've heard is also the same for other dells, even higher end too

i experienced the cd rom noises that had been mentioned, and now that i have my dvd burner from the Dell (that i had put in myself) It hasn't made a sound, but the case fan that has a shroud going over top the fan and the heatsink can probably vibrate too, and the fan likes to really pick up speed when you go into more cpu dependant things...the dell i had wasnt as bad for noise as this computer is, because i have more fans in this, but it had more of an irritating sound to it whenever it got under full load

08-02-05, 05:27 PM
my computer was dusted out thoroughly by geeksquad 2 weeks ago when they installed my upgrades. they put the case on well, so i'm guessing its not that. Dave said that he kicked his computer and it would stop for a few minutes then go again (the vibrating noise). <-- that is my problem. i've only opened my pc a few times so im new at this stuff. in a week or so im gonig to open up my pc to dust it out and stuff because it'll be a month by then that it hasnt been dusted. after geeksquad dusted it and opened it up, and closed it securley, and also installed an antec smartpower 400w v1.3 (which came with a fan obviously) the problem still persists. so im guessing its sumthing in the pc thats rattling. i will try to wedge paper between w/e is rattling. paper doesnt burn inside does it? :-/ could it be the exhaust fan in the front that has a bad berring like stated earlier? ill open it up and see what i can do. thanks guys. oh yeah and how do i know what heatsink is compatible with my mobo? and i was also interested in installing a side panel fan. what size of fan should i get? sry for all the Q's, im new at this stuff. thanks again...

Edit: i also have a seagate hd, but im not sure which model. i fonud it using everest but cant remember where lol

Edit 2: if it turns out to be one of my fan's berring...what exhaust fans are high quality?

08-02-05, 05:50 PM
Becareful on your motherboard, around the CPU area it can get very hot, and paper will burn if it gets too hot, becareful when you do it, if you do do it, although I really don't recommend it, if you think it's your motherboard you can always go and tighten the screws and see if that helps (although they should already be fairly tight)