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08-02-05, 04:40 PM
This is my situation, Iím an army officer serving in Iraq, I built my new system for Christmas, and the video card I purchased was a BFG 6800 OC from Best Buy, well my first card was DOA, I installed the second card and everything was fine for a few days, well the card started producing Flickering in 2D and 3D, tested the card in two other systems and the same symptoms, also installed my brothers Leadtek 6800GT in my system and my symptoms went away. I called tech support in January but before I could go through the RMA process, my deployment date was pushed up, so I had no time to take care of this. Well I have recently had a death in the family, my father passed, so I was allowed 10 days leave, before I arrived home I called BFG Tech support, explained the situation last Wednesday July 27th, I gave the tech my CC number and had my wife fax over my receipt from Best Buy so that he could give me an advance replacement for my card, I had to pay for UPS shipping, that was no problem, the shipping is from Illinois to Louisiana, Since I called early Wednesday he assured me that my card would ship that day, on Wed the 27th. The card didnít arrive, so I contacted BFG and they told me that they had no record of the shipping of my card, So I had to go through everything again with that technician, and I explained that I would be re deploying to Iraq on the 4th and that I would need overnight shipping, to make sure that the card could get here and I could get it working for my wife, well as of today Tues Aug 2nd still no card, I called tech support on Monday night to get the tracking number, they couldnít find it, they told me to call this morning, I called and they couldnít find the tracking number, I just got off the phone with them this evening at 4:00PM and they still couldnít find the tracking number, the manager Mike wouldnít even get on the phone with me, I kept my cool and did not get upset with the agent on the phone at all and I even apologized before we hung up. But this story has a happy ending my buddy deals with EVGA at his pc shop in New York, and he told me to contact them, well let me tell you, I spoke to a very nice concerned Rep, told him that I would be deploying this Thursday, I faxed over my Receipt from Best Buy, sent them a copy from the manager over at BFG and faxed a copy of my orders over, Well they are sending me a BRAND NEW 6800 ULTRA shipped overnight for $99.00 bucks. That says it all. Iím not looking to start a flame war or anything, Iím just posting this to inform my fellow military members that BFG simply does not support us or the situation we are in. I did not want ANYTHING for free, I gave them my CC number to pay for shipping , and they dropped the ball twice. Here is the copy that I received from the tech manager at BFG assuring me that my card would be shipped Monday overnight, and here we are Tuesday evening No Card, they couldnít even give me a tracking number.

[Ticket#: 2001198] rma status
BFG Support [support@bfgtech.com]
The rma will ship monday and you should have it tuesday morning at no cost to you for hte mix up

Thank you for contacting BFG Support.

Michael G Ė

The damage has already been done, if and when I ever get the replacement card, i'm going to send it along with the defective card back to them, I flushed 325.00 down the toilet, they can keep their card.

08-02-05, 04:55 PM
Thanks for fighting for our freedom. :) I know when your deployment is up you will enjoy your eVGA 6800 Ultra.

08-02-05, 06:46 PM
Wow that is some nice service from evga, kudos to them and good luck to you.

08-02-05, 07:42 PM
Wow that is some nice service from evga, kudos to them and good luck to you.


08-02-05, 09:40 PM

I'm posting to say that everything looks like it is going to work out fine, I appreciate that my case has been elevated and will only purchase BFG in the future, I apologize to everyone on the forum about my rant, I was just a bit flustered, there is just so much to take care of before I leave. Here was the message I recieved tonight.


First of all, my utmost and sincere apology for any, and I mean any inconvenience we've caused you. You and all of the troops serving on behalf of our country are always at the forefront of our minds at BFG, and especially mine as I have many friends in the armed forces as well as relatives both still alive and passed away. Even if you were not serving for our country the service you've received is DEFINITELY not representative of the BFG service we are proud to call ďone of the best in the industry.Ē

Your problem has been escalated to a BFG internal meeting tomorrow to fix what appears to be a broken process, so that this problem is rectified in the most expedient manner.

It is 9:05 pm here in Chicago, IL. Tomorrow morning (Aug. 3rd) I will personally be shipping you 1 6800 Ultra 256MB AGP card overnight UPS for your inconvenience, shipping paid by BFG. Youíll find some extra goodies along with it that I hope you enjoy. I will get you the tracking information once Iíve processed the shipment.

If you could please supply me with the address and person you would like me to address the shipment I would much appreciate it.

If you have any problems or questions, feel free to call our main line and ask for me directly at 847-281-3110.

Scott Herkelman
EVP Marketing (and 1/3 owner of BFG)
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08-02-05, 09:49 PM
BFG sure owned up there, nice and personal PR.

I'm not american but I'm 100% on your side with the fighting! I saw some of the national guard coming home on the news today and got a little misty watching it :(

08-02-05, 09:56 PM
Believe me, if I was in your situation I would feel the exact same way. The service you received from your initial dealings with BFG is absolutely not representative of what most people say about them. I'm just glad everything worked out all right. They are a stand-up company through and through.

But most of all, God bless you and your support of our country. Your service is what allows us to enjoy the ability to own fast computers and play games. I hope you return home safely so you, too, can do the same. (salute)

08-03-05, 02:00 PM
BFG sure owned up there, nice and personal PR.

I'm not american but I'm 100% on your side with the fighting! I saw some of the national guard coming home on the news today and got a little misty watching it :(

See you have an MSI 6800gt. Can you oc it? What can it do?

08-03-05, 02:41 PM
Since this problem has been solved I am going to close this thread before it gets off topic. BFG is known for their customer service and this is an isolated incident I believe. I bet you're enjoying your goodies they sent along with the card. One of my favorite goodies of BFG's was the "brain matter" they had. It's shaped like a little brain. I keep mine in my desk drawer at work. Whoever rumages through my desk can't help but tell on themselves by asking me what is that little brain. I always say it's all that's left of some guy I found going through my desk. :D