View Full Version : Voyage Adventure Game (demo)

08-02-05, 07:06 PM
The Adventure Company has released a playable demo for VOYAGE: Inspired by Jules Verne, giving you the chance to try out the 3D adventure developed by Kheops Studio.


It's 345.87MB.

Just a screenshot of the menu....I'm stuck in the first room and it's not all that exciting to look at since it's cramped. :)

http://img9.imageshack.us/img9/9425/moon20050802195941622lj.th.jpg (http://img9.imageshack.us/my.php?image=moon20050802195941622lj.jpg)

08-03-05, 07:07 AM
Well the entire demo is in that first room... If you're still stuck tell me where and I might be able to give you a hand.

I thought the game was alright but it made me feel a little queezy with its first-person viewpoint.

08-03-05, 06:42 PM
Yeah i prefer the 3rd person Adv games too .. 1st person ones are just not my type really.