View Full Version : My Abit SLI saga (pics included)

08-04-05, 11:48 AM
Okay, as many of you have seen, i have been trying and trying to get a decent mobo for SLI. i traded out my 6800gt agp, for a pair if 6600gt SLI's. this was to get ready for furture upgrades and i like the option of SLI'ing newer cards later on. My 6600gt's run great. they are a little close together, but they dont run too warm.

here's the story.

i ordered a DFI from the egg, and i didnt get the audio module, so i order an Aopen... it oesnt have the audio onboard that was advertised...

THEN i order an MSI, but it wont arrive for 2 weeks, so i order this Abit AN8-SLI. i dont have the energy to add more to the story, but holy hell, its been a long 9 days... here are some pics of my building fun.

08-04-05, 11:49 AM

08-04-05, 03:55 PM
any more lights and I'm sure you could light up your whole place :D

how well does abit's onboard audio work? the board I have has onboard audio.

so are you going to get creatives X-fi?

08-04-05, 04:36 PM
Very nice :D

I bet the neighbours wonder what's going on in your house, what, with the bright blue glow coming from every window ;)

Think I'm gonna have to invest in a digi cam as soon as I get my new PC together :) (only awaiting my 7800GTX's now :) )

08-05-05, 06:15 AM
the onboard audio works great. i actually prefer it to the SB live cards that people use. i have been doing research and the CPU usage is almost as low as SB cards with the Abit audiomax and the DFI audio module thing. i MIGHT use tjhe x-fi card, but creative needs to come to my house, make me dinner, walk my dog, do my laundry, then massage my shoulders to win me back.

08-06-05, 04:08 PM
Great work.
Suggestion: Black PCB board with Black PCB cards would LOOK beautifull.. IMO.
it lookx great anyways!

08-06-05, 09:53 PM
yeah. i was disappointed that this board was red, since blue is my color scheme.. oh well, that heatpipe thing makes up for it!

08-06-05, 10:41 PM
I like Abit's use of teh heat pipe...cuts noise down obviously but I dunno if that would work on my BTX'ish case :)