View Full Version : FPS vs Ping in Online gaming - who dies first?

08-04-05, 03:45 PM
I believe (and I'm sure I'll be told if I'm wrong), but folks with a lower ping, all else being equal, will win a "shootout" in an on online shooter like UT2004 or BF2. Is it because the higher ping player has some packets lost during the exchange of fire?

In this regard, is there any advantage for a player with a higher FPS ?(assuming the lower FPS is still high enough to look smoothe). In other words, do online players with systems and settings that average 80 fps have an advantage over someone at a steady 30 fps? If so, shouldn't we be more worried about FPS than visual IQ and be palying with lower resolutions and lower quality settings?

08-04-05, 03:57 PM
Its a personal preference thing... if 30fps is enough for you to call it smooth, then dont worry about it. If 60+ feels a lot smoother then you'll probably be able to aim more accurately.

On the other hand, higher resolutions can make it easier to hit things at a distance.

Its really up to you.

Ping on the other hand makes a huge difference... high pingers are harder to hit in some games because they lag around and may be losing some packets, but it also makes it much harder for them to hit things. Low pingers will have smoother movement and aiming which can make them easier to hit but also makes it easier for them to move and hit things.

08-04-05, 04:00 PM
high ping dose not make packet loss. You can easily have low ping connection but with some packet loss -- that usually happens with cable connections.

In online shooters FPS dosen't meen much. As all the action is happening on the server, not on players own computer, it is very important that how fast you can transmit needed data to server itself. For example, players with high and low ping press fire button at the same time, but that command reaches server faster from low ping players and those they shoot slighly earlier those giving them an edge in combat.

FPS itself only affects on how detailed the changes in teh scene is, wether you see enemy coming from door or when his weapon points from doorway. This is quite dependend on players own reaction speed though and will require very low ping to be any good use.

Online FPS gaming is an equation of ping, FPS, and reaction time, in the end it is only matter of how well player reacts. In most cases, FPS and ping is faster than the human that needs to push the button nad those pretty pointless in the end.

08-04-05, 04:22 PM
The higher the better on both. That doesn't mean that someone who has a higher ping and lower fps has no chance against someone with low ping and high fps, they just have a disadvantage. You can learn to play even with those disadvantages.

Lets just say you had two people of equal skill were about to meet at a corner in CS:S. One is running at 30fps, but a ping of 40. The other is running at 100fps, but has a ping of 150. I personally believe the person with 30fps and a ping of 40 would win. With 40 ping the person would have more time to react to the situation than the person with 150 ping. So IMO lower ping is more important than higher fps.

08-04-05, 05:47 PM
U need avg FPS, and AVG ping.
In the end, it upto you and your presence of mind. You need judgement to kill, thats the bottom line i think.
ive seen many ppl in cs having great ping and proper 99fps, still bad at frags. while guyz with 100+ ping dominate the frag's. its how the guyz with 100+ ping play..ive seen em playing.
With 40 ping the person would have more time to react to the situation than the person with 150 ping
I agree, but thats at the point blank scenario.. like both of em face each other and look at each other the same time. BUT, many a times things like this also happen, the guy wit higher ping, moves on either of the side, and the shots of the guy wit lower ping dont register. so the guy with hgher ping frags. it has happened wit me