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08-05-05, 12:12 AM
I have just purchased a refurbished Leadtek Winfast A6600GT TDH 128MB AGP 8X from newegg.com which is really brand new to me. I installed it yesterday and everything went well while putting it in, but after i went through installing the video card I opened up the game BATTLEFIELD 2 and when I got to the menu it was stuttering and then froze and from there I had to restart my computer, I installed Splinter Cell (the game that came with the video card) and and it went through installation well but when it got to the end of installation a warning message came up and said the video card is to old or the drivers are to old which doesnt seem right because nuthing is old in my computer but I ignored the message and went on and played the game but it did the exact same thing as Battlefield 2 did. I have tried many options fixing this problem but none seem to do the trick, I have updated Windows, tried to download different drivers, etc. So if anyone could help me on how to fix this problem I would appreciate it, Thanks

What Splinter Cell looks like

What Battlefield 2 looks like

My System Specs:

Dell Dimension 8300
Windows XP Home Edition
Intel Pentuim 4 CPU 3.00GHz
1024MB DDR SDRAM PC3200 Ram
NVIDIA GeForce 6600GT 128MB AGP
The driver i have installed is ForceWare 77.72

P.S At one point Battlefield 2 worked great but then it stuttered and then froze just like it did in the menu.

08-05-05, 10:49 PM
Did your GART driver install correctly?

How do your other games or benchmarks operate?


08-05-05, 10:57 PM
It may be defective out of the box...maybe it's time to RMA it

08-05-05, 11:50 PM
So far 4 Leadtek 6800 GT's have acted this same way here, I'd say heat is the biggest problem.

I'm on the 5th RMA and each one they send is worse than the last, the card acts the exact same way in 4 different machines. I'f you can RMA thru newegg better do it quick, because leadtek support is iffy at best, i've had the leadtek 6800GT for two months now and it's been in my machine for a total of 20 minutes.