View Full Version : Low Score on Aquamark with xfx7800gtx!!!

08-05-05, 07:15 AM
Hey all,

My system aparts from:

Athlon 64 939 Venice 3500+
Abit An8 Fatal1ty Sli
2x512MB Kingston (Dual Channel)
1x xfx 7800gtx 256 450/1.25GHZ
Hiper 580w PSU
When i run the bench on aquamark i receive 68.000score which consists of 11.000 for the gfx (approx.) and 8.500 for the cpu (approx.). I 've seen much better performances based on the same system and the lowest i 've seen on this setup (all clocks default) is at least 80.000!!! What on earth is happening? Plzzz Help!

08-05-05, 08:06 AM
anyone please?

08-05-05, 08:21 AM
anyone please?

Both your CPU and GFX score seem to low
I score Aprox 10,500 on CPU and Apox 11,000 on GFX
for a score of 75,000
There is know way your GFX card should be scoring the same as mine. :eek:
The first thing I would do is check the BIOS settings and make sure I installed the latest video and Mobo drivers.

08-05-05, 02:12 PM
Do you have AA and AF set to Application Control, Quality set to High Performance, Vsync off, Negative LOD Bias set to Allow?

With my 7800GTX my best Aquamark3 score is 84,644.

Asus A8N-SLI Premium
1 gig Corsair XMS LL PC3200

08-05-05, 02:13 PM
Doesn't seem all that bad to me for GFX. I get: Aquamark3: 88,417 / GFX 14,559 / CPU 11,253 but that is with SLI. CPU score looks a little low compared to Goth though. Edit: Oops, didn't initially notice he is overclocking.

Edit 2: May want to look through the official AQ3 thread also to compare with those results.