View Full Version : force vsync through nvidia options

08-06-05, 12:02 AM
man im tierd and i want to play my new game Lock On, but it wont let me activate vsync through the game options. The game has very bad horizontal tearing. Ive got a 6800GT with 75.90 betas. So how do I force vsync through the nvidia options?

08-06-05, 12:06 AM
i just remembered that rivatuner will do it :D

Acid Rain
08-06-05, 01:16 AM
Better yet, use nHancer. Then it's easy to config for each game. I doubt you want v-sync forced in EVERY game. nHancer is an easy profiling tool, allowing set it and forget it settings for each game.

Enjoy. Also, check the nHancer thread above for info and the link.