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08-07-05, 08:55 AM
Just wanna clear out some stuff. Here it is for you before I put it on ebay. All prices include shipping in the US. If your outside of the States we'll have to figure it out (wont be much more).


Doom 3 - $15.00 (Full boxed and discs in good condition)
Far Cry - $15.00 (Full boxed and discs in good condition)
*Sims 2 - $9.00 (No box and the first CD is cracked therefore I will be providing an ISO :rolleyes: )

*Buy all three for $30.00.


The Matrix - $7.00 (Case and disc in good condition)
The Matrix Reloaded - $7.00 (Case and disc in good condition)
The Matrix Revolutions - $7.00 (Case and disc in good condition)
BIG (You know, with Tom Hanks!) - $6.00 (Brand new out of shrink wrap)

Buy all three Matrices for $18.00 AND RECIEVE BIG FREE!!! :D

Or, Buy the whole lot for $45.00 shipped.

Oh yeah, I did'nt mention this in the thread title, but I also have a nice pair of Kirra board shorts that are brand new and too small for me. They are all white except for three stripes on the side of each leg which are black, navy blue and sky blue. $15.00

One more thing. If you have a PSP but did'nt get the Spider Man 2 UMD you can buy mine for $10.00.


I'm on the lookout for a Gig stick of Ram and a Zalman HSF if anyone is interested in trading + cash.

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08-10-05, 08:19 AM
Well, it's all on ebay now. The only exceptions are the boardshorts and the SpiderMan 2 UMD.