View Full Version : where to start shopping for a laptop

12-22-02, 03:21 PM
Hello, all. I been visiting nvnews for a while but am new to the forums. My question is how should I go about looking for a notebook? I've built my own last 2 desktops, but now my sister wants to get a laptop and am not sure where to start. does everyone recommend going the root of Gateway, Compaq...? How do they compare to the house-brand setups, like from mwave.com?

The Baron
12-22-02, 03:29 PM
Depends what you want... if you want basics of a desktop plus mobility, yeah, Compaq or Gateway is fine. If you want to have an ultra-thin one, go Sony or Sharp.

12-22-02, 04:45 PM
I'm going to buy a cheep, refurbished Labtop off some computer outlet site. It's just going to be for going to class and stuff...

Something like a 500Mhz Pentium would be more than enough for me... I don't see the need to have an extremely powerful labtop.