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12-22-02, 05:34 PM
When I tryed to change from Abit drivers to NVidias, (30.82 or 41.09) with
my Abit Ti4200, it jumps right out when I push the Advanced button in
"Display Properties > Settings". It is followed by this message box "An
error occurred while Windows was working with the Control Panel file
C:\WINNT\System32\desk.cpl". Haven't tested much more since I have to fix my
screen in that stupid panel.

Hope someone could give me a tip about what the problem is (and how to fix
it :-)

ABIT Siluro GF4 TI4200 OTES, Abit BP6 (I know it's old), Win 2000 Pro SP2.

Ola Flaagan

12-22-02, 07:56 PM
Did you uninstall your previous drivers before trying to install the new ones?

12-22-02, 08:53 PM
Yeah saturn's right, i used to have that prob. all you have to do is remove them in add/remove programs or use detinator destroyer, but i'm not sure if it is 40.xx compatible.

Good Luck.

12-22-02, 09:13 PM
If you use add/remove programs to uninstall the drivers while you're in safe mode you shouldn't have any problems.

12-23-02, 08:12 AM
I removed the Abit drivers first from that control panel but I'll try in safe mode to.
Right now I'm having problems with the picture getting scrambled while 'm surfing (looks like when I overclocked my old TNT2 to much (and no, I haven't clocked this one:)) I hope it's a driver/software problems or else I have to send it back... allways some troubles

12-25-02, 07:04 AM
Had to reinstall win2k for other reasons and now the nvidia drivers work.

12-26-02, 02:57 PM
Totally OT, but thanks for warm fuzzies. I don't think I've been quoted in a sig like that before. :)

Originally posted by saturnotaku
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Thanks saturnotaku, I was wondering if anyone caught that post. :)

12-26-02, 03:21 PM
Originally posted by digitalwanderer
Thanks saturnotaku, I was wondering if anyone caught that post.

Absolutely. The guy you were responding to was a putz (on another message board, not here), and I was looking for a witty/cynical quote to use as a signature for the time being. Your subject line in that post fit the bill perfectly. :D