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08-08-05, 02:42 PM
After reading through this (http://www.nytimes.com/2005/08/08/technology/08game.html?ex=1281153600&en=300074177aff8ca3&ei=5088&partner=rssnyt&emc=) article. I started to think about solutions to the sports sequel issue. Most older gamers are kind of sick of buying anew madden every year or a new soccer game every year. with slight visual upgrades, barely any new gameplay upgrades. Just basically stat upgrades. It's gotten old pretty quick. I havent bought a american football game since nfl 2k, for xbox.

Basically what I think would be a good way for ea to regenerate its revenues, especially with the new consoles, is to design their engines to scale upwards. Make their games so they can be infused with the new candy via patches, and new stats via patches. Provide these at a much smaller fee via digital distribution. So basically your buying extra sweat on the players face, more grimaces, more dialoque, and more stats. Make their games so they last 5 years versus the 1 year, then release new madden.

Sports games as a whole, to me. Seem to be the perfect platform title for things like xstream and steam. Perhaps EA will release their own digital distribution method. But I believe thats the best and most profitable way for EA to go. I mean the chart basically says it all. People just arent really buying them like they used to. And the most common complaint is to i need to buy this same game for a stats upgrade. So why not just buy the stats upgrade?

What do you guys think?

08-08-05, 03:20 PM
It's long over due that EA gets smacked for producing the same crap in a different bag every year. The EA NHL franchise is now over 10 years old, and its still basically the same 2D game with animated players bumping into eachother, magnetic goalie and zero puck physics.

Racing games have tried to simulate the physics of racing for years and some have now come close like Richard Burns Rally, Forza Motorsport and GTR. Not a SINGLE sports game has done the same. They dont have ragdolls, they dont have blended animation, they dont have mass or inertia, they dont have impact detection for every polygon, nothing.

When I saw the Madden 06 pre-render I thought finally they seem to have some physics to the thing, but then I saw the ingame animation where a guy running at full speed is tackled with one arm in a typical pre-animated fashion that defies the laws of physics in every way possible. Pathetic.

Mr. Hunt
08-08-05, 04:54 PM
Won't happen... especially not from EA... EA makes the same game every year and a billion people buy the same crap over and over... why would they stop? They don't actually care about their customers... they just care about money.

08-08-05, 07:34 PM
By year's end, Electronic Arts plans to release 26 new games, all but one of them a sequel,

That says a lot.

08-08-05, 08:48 PM
yes but obviously you didnt look at ea's sales graph heh. They have to make a change to their model a drastic one.