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08-09-05, 08:28 AM

Got an ASUS K8N8X-LA (DOM) SOCKET 754 motherboard (HP OEM) and a maxtor 120GB SATA drive and trying to install win xp pro (with SP2).

Did F6 and tried the sata drivers from the NVIDIA site but it hangs just after the F8 to accept the terms, I'm guessing it can't find the drive to copy the files to.

The board uses the NVIDIA nForce 3 250 chipset so I'm guessing it has sata built in.

Strange thing is I tried an IDE drive and the same happened.

If anyone knows which drivers I need it would be great, even better if you can point me to a download.



08-09-05, 08:51 AM
It should install without having to hit F6 for the driver. Make sure that only the optical drive that you are installing from and the hard drive that you are installing to are the only drives connected during install. Don't plug in any more drives until after the first boot. On that first boot you should install the latest nforce chipset drivers for your platform. Then, shutdown and plug in the other drives.

08-09-05, 09:46 AM
At present I have just the DVD drive and one SATA drive connected, if I don't F6 in the drivers it bombs out on the page before the licence aggree. The only other things attached are memory, cpu, AGP graphics card and a floppy drive.

If it should work without drivers I'm wondering if it something else like memory/graphics card.

08-18-05, 03:27 PM
Some motherboards recognize a single Sata drive with just a bios call and some will not. I installed a single Sata with an Nforce 2 MB made by Epox. Windows recognized it right away. I upgraded to an Asus AV8 Deluxe (socket 939, VIA chipset). The hard drive was not recognized until I hit F6 and put in the floppy. (I had to find out how to make the floppy since Asus doesn't include one...but that's another story).

However, before I figured out what to do, Windows would not hang. It would give me a message that there was no hard drive recognized and that the installation of Windows was aborting. So it is my guess that if Windows is hanging, there is another problem involved and not just the need for an F6 and floppy.