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08-10-05, 05:30 PM
Ok, so i've been confused here with benchmarking my overclocking using 3dmark. I keep getting really inconsistant CPU scores for some reason. I thought maybe it was my temps and the cpu was throttling, but it doesnt get near that hot for it to happen. I then put the cpu back to stock to see if the same type of thing would happen, and to my supprise it did. What exactly is causing this, the cpu score ranges from 3600 to 4200, doesnt affect the 3dmark 05 score that much, but I thought overlclocking can increase it quite a bit.

08-10-05, 05:41 PM
Hang on, so when you OC, you get a lower CPU score? Or what exactly? Can you give us what clocks you're running the CPU at, and the score you get at each clock range? I do recall one mistake that I made whilst trying to overclock once, in that I had my FSB/RAM ratio on Auto rather than 1:1, and once my FSB got too high, my RAM speed was dropping drastically. On a P4, that'll hurt a LOT.

08-10-05, 09:15 PM
Ok, here are my different results, I started out by doing 2 runs at each setting. As you can see, the cpu scores are all over the place, but the 3dmark score stays pretty consistant. My mobo is a IC7Max3, don't know if that makes any difference, I also use corsair value selct 3200 DDR ram, so I can't really change the timings on it. Stock my p4 is a 3ghz cpu, so the normal bus speed is 200.

Stock: No Overclocking, All settings at default
Run 1:
3dMark SCore: 5720
CPU Score: 3910
Run 2:
3dmark Score: 5729
CPU Score: 4339

Overclocked FSB to 202
Run 1:
3dMark Score: 5734
CPU Score: 3874
Run 2:
3dMark Score: 5730
CPU: 3914

Overclocked FSB to 204
Run1 :
3dmark Score: 5733
CPU Score: 3932
Run 2:
3dmark Score: 5699
CPU Score: 4372

As you can see the cpu score is all over the place, even when I get the lowest 3dmark score, the CPU score is the highest, i'm confused with these results, I've set my ram 1:1 as well.