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08-11-05, 02:27 AM
Athlon64 X2 4400+ @ stock
--Latest AMD CPU drivers installed correctly and using pmtimer
--Temps don't go over 50 under full load, 37 idle (hot room)

Gigabyte K8NS Ultra-939
--F8 bios (tried F7 but makes no diff, and F6 doesn't support X2)
--Using ACL850 onboard sound (tried nv5.10 or later drivers and realteks latest)
--GART 5.10 installed
--6.39 or 5.10 for the rest of the system makes no diff
--Fastwrites off fixed the nf3 issue for me and I don't believe it to be related.
--Disabled NvLan and using Marvell onboard
--Performance mode in bios on/off makes no diff for lockups, just OC's slightly to 2288mhz.

2gb OCZ PC3200 3-3-3-8
--memtest86'd it for about 12 hours and passed fine.

BFG 6800GT OC @ stock
--67.66 through 77.77 drivers make no diff
--Temps are normal. Not much above 80 under full load for about an hour.

200gb Maxtor IDE
--Checks out fine

DVD-RW Drive

Ultra X-connect 500w
--12v and 3.3v seem stable under OCCT tests, but no sensor on this mobo for 5v.

It worked fine for a couple weeks in windows and linux. I compiled and ran Gentoo with no problems. Windows was running great (games, browsing, burning, ripping, etc). But now this week, it's locking up at will. I could be browsing or sitting here doing nothing. I lose the mouse, then the screen stops redrawing and I can maybe get in an alt+tab which does bring up the menu, but nothing happens after that. Adaware and AVG found nothing. I even uninstalled AVG and ran McAfee through and it found nothing. Fresh format and re-install did nothing.

The only thing I can do to reproduce is play GuildWars for a little while. It'll eventually freeze up with the sound looping. I can play HL2 or Doom3 for a couple hours before anything happens.

Any ideas on what could be causing it? As you can see I've tried a few things. I have a new antec TII truepower 480w coming soon and maybe that will fix this problem? I want to get this x-connect out of my box anyway since both it's cathodes died. The PSU itself is kinda hot too.

08-11-05, 03:27 AM
are you using the latest driver for the dual cores that's on amd.com?

I would suggest trying to run cpu burn but when I ran that on my dual opteron 246 system it only maxed out one cpu.

use this program called heavy load it will max out both cores, because it maxed both cpus in my opteron rig.


see if it'll last an hour.

08-11-05, 04:35 AM
Yup. Latest AMD drivers. The site says but the inf says
Those are installed and pmtimer is being used. I'm trying out HeavyLoad right now without the treesize test and I'm also able to type this (90% cpu usage and 2 gigs of ram used so I'm pretty much on full page file now :P. I tried not installing the AMD driver too when I did the fresh windows install but that was no change also. Apart from the timing being off for the system clock and animated gifs going nuts, etc, it still froze. With DEP and without DEP isn't seeming to matter either.

Thanks for the link, btw. It's a neat tool.

08-11-05, 05:12 AM
Seemed to hold up fine with HeavyLoad. No lockups anyway and everything is back to normal after exiting. Maxed around 98% cpu and kept on going strong. The test file size went up around 3.5gb's too. I'll run it again tomorrow for another hour, but for now I need some sleep. 50c max on CPU temps too, and back down to 36c now idle.

08-11-05, 08:09 AM
First thing I would check is that power supply. The Ultra X-Connect is mediocre at best. If you can snag an Antec or other name brand just to try it, I would do that.

08-11-05, 01:54 PM
Yeah. I figured as much. I saw some good reviews when it first came out, and it worked great with my AthlonXP setup. Now it seems like time for a change though. Not much to do but wait for the new Antec to get here, unless anyone else has some ideas.

I also have a Zalman 700cu and some AS5 coming for the 6800 to hopefully drop it a few C.

08-11-05, 03:31 PM
Antec is crap. for dual cores I would use a dual opteron certified psu. there's lots to choose from. the one I have in my sig is one.

08-12-05, 03:32 AM
Strange stuff. I've been up without freezes for 8 hours atleast now. I've been running all my usual programs and even played GuildWars for about an hour. It froze up earlier and hasn't yet since I tried the IDE and SMbus drivers from 6.65.

Probably just coincidence? If it doesn't freeze up again until I get a new PSU then that's fine with me.

Edit: Froze again :P

08-15-05, 09:59 PM
No change with the new PSU. :(
I've noticed though that it seems to only freeze up when I'm online.
I've disabled both onboard GB-LAN's and I'm using an old 10/100 pci.
We'll see how that goes... *rips his hair out*

Couple good things came out of it.
I got the Zalman 700 installed with some AS5. Dropped me 15c idle and load,
and I also got rid of the x-connect. I also have WinXP 64-bit here too, but I'm holding off until this is working smoothly.

Update: It held up fine with that old NIC so I threw XP 64-bit on here.
So far it's working. I also went back to the marvell onboard to see if it was just the 32-bit drivers or what. Not a single problem yet with 64-bit, so we'll see.
Another difference using 64-bit is the realtek driver. I'm using A375 instead of A374. Just some things to look at if anyone else is having problems with the same setup.

08-17-05, 04:28 AM
so hows it running now?