View Full Version : Will we see a 7200 or 7600??

08-11-05, 11:15 PM
Just wondering.

08-11-05, 11:21 PM
Maybe? I don't really know what the point is when the 7200 would probably be equal performance wise to about a 6600GT and a 7600 would be between a 6800NU and GT. Just guess, of course...but yeah...why make another product when you've already got a line that performs just as well?

There's no point considering that the 7x00 line didn't really add much new. There's more pipelines and whatnot, but it's still an SM3.0 product, still has PureVideo, UltraShadow II...not much point to invest money into the same product all over again.

08-11-05, 11:55 PM
The 7600 I do expect to see at some point. As to the question of the 7200. That will depend very much on what the competition has.

08-12-05, 07:17 AM
Take a look at the extremely cheesy and frankly quite sad "Power of 3" campaign. When somebody has to resort to something that corny, you begin to suspect if they have anything to sell at all. Mind you, I'm not flaming the GT/GTX here, they're marvelous 20- and 24-pipe 110nm NV40's with a few free gimmicks thrown in for good measure, but I think that's pretty much it for this "generation".
While I was a tad disappointed that the Power of 3 wasn't new technology, I still think it's kinda cool becuase ATi has absolutely no answer to nVIDIA for anything. It's like they're playing poker and ATi keeps getting 2/7 off suit and nVIDIA keeps getting Ace/King suited...and the cards keep coming up Royal Flush.

08-12-05, 08:47 AM
Of course there will be a 7200 and 7600. Why? Even when performance of these cards would be on par with the 6600, and 6800nu. Price reduction of these cards would be too costly in a retailer point of view. When the 7200 and 7600 come out, the production of 6200's and 6600's would be halted or limited. The reason is to produce a cheaper product for that price range, instead of losing profits by price reducing an older product.

Then why do it for the 6800 GT an 6800? Because there are a great abundance of these cards, and the the fact that they sell very well. It's profit by quantity. Potential buyers that were put off by price last year, may buy it this year. It also gives people who have PCI-E card to consider a SLI motherboard and a second card. ;)

The new process of the 7 series, does more than make the card run cooler and draw less power. It allows nvidia to manufacture more chips per wafer, increasing yields, which ultimately reduces cost. :D

Why reduce a 200 dollar product to a 100 dollar product when you can create an equivalent 100 dollar product? :p

08-12-05, 12:56 PM
I'm sure 7600/7200 cards will be made, simply because consumers will buy them. There's always new people and un-informed people buying into computer hardware, and many wouldnt know a 6800gt is better than a 7200gt.

Nvidia will also want to fill in every segment with their new 7x series, from high to low.