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08-12-05, 01:27 AM
I'm putting together a new system and have a quick question on video cards and monitors.

My system looks like this so far:

AMD Athlon64 4000+
2gb PC3200 DDR SDRAM
19" LCD monitor

Video card choice is either 7800GTX or 7800GT.

My question is.....would a 7800GTX be over-kill on the above system ?
If my understanding is correct, the native resolution of a 19" LCD is 1280X1024.
I have read that the 7800GTX performs better at higher screen resolutions.
If I went the GTX route wud I be CPU limited, using a desktop layout of 1280X1024 ??
Would I be better off with the newly released 7800GT ??

cheers and thanks for yur advice

08-12-05, 06:56 AM
Well, what's your budget for the build? If you don't mind spending the extra $ on the GTX, go for it. But, bear in mind many GT's will have unlockable piplines- from 20 to 24, and be great overclockers. Thus, we could have a card that performs on par with the GTX, and costs a lot less. A la the 6800 GT and 6800 Ultra days; the GT was essentially an underclocked version of the Ultra, thus all it took was some moderate OC'ing (either by the user or by the manufacturer- BFG and the like overclock their cards at the factory), woala: equalling in performance (give ot take).

08-12-05, 08:02 AM
But are you certain that the pipes you unlock will be in complete working condition?
I say go for the GTX.

08-12-05, 08:40 AM
Don't count on unlockable pipes. Unwinder has strongly alluded to the fact that it may not be at all possible with the 7800 GTs. I did already link it in another thread, but here's the thread where Unwinder says so: