View Full Version : Dual Monitor Users - how are you setup?

08-12-05, 02:54 PM
I'm new to Nvidia (7800GTX) after a few years on the ATI side.

I have dual 17" LCD screens and I've been playing around with various NView span settings to try and get something that seems to work. In the end, I've given up and am now using simple dual-view with Ultramon for an extra taskbar on the second monitor as the horizontal span seemed riddled with issues...

I like the concept of horizontal span, but there appear to be so many annoyances with dialog boxes popping up in the oddest place (despite my settings in the Nview control panel). Often Windows dialog boxes are mid-desktop (thus between screens).

To top it off, whenever I remote desktop into this computer it ends up resetting everything to a single monitor and disabling dual screens.

Am I missing something or is this span stuff really that bad?!

08-12-05, 06:15 PM
I personally don't think you're missing anything - initially I thought Horiz. Span would be cool, but then I realised how unfeasible it is - I use Dualview w/ Ultramon too. Of course, my monitors are actually different sizes, and for the optimal experience, I run them at different resolutions, but still.

EDIT: I don't honestly know about remote desktop, but I should say that despite how awesome dual-mons are, I find that lots of things don't play particularly nicely with it. Which is a shame, really.

08-12-05, 06:39 PM
Everything plays just the same for me here if I have the second monitor on or disabled.
DualView (I used to use ultra-mon too). You just need to remember to set Nvidia Control Panel -> Performance and Quality -> Advanced Settings -> Hardware Acceleration to "Single Display Mode". Otherwise your games won't like it.

That might not be what you're talking about though. Some apps just can't handle the second monitor, like older version of winamp always resets itself to the first monitor etc. Various shell replacements too.

08-12-05, 07:29 PM
Hehe - I didn't actually mean literally "games don't play well", I meant the figurative "many apps don't properly deal with them". For example - I've never been able to get my winamp Viz to Fullscreen on my second monitor.