View Full Version : Question on XFX 6800 GT & Leadtek Ti4200 prices *pounds sterling*

08-12-05, 03:06 PM
OK, this is not a selling offer as I already have a buyer, rather to double-check realistic (used) prices for:-

XFX 6800 GT (AGP 8x/256MB/BIOS Version

Leadtek Ti4200 (128MB)

The 6800 GT is mine, which I'm selling to a good friend for a price of 140. The card has been overclocked before (up to 440/1100, most stable @ 401/1060), and I have replaced both the GPU's thermal paste and the memory's cooling pads with a fresh dose of Coolermaster thermal paste. Otherwise the card remains stock; no BIOS flashes, no hard mods.

The Ti4200: This is my friends card (the same guy who I'm selling to). I'm not sure whether the card itself is AGP 4x or 8x (there were 4x and 8x versions built, right?). Nor do I know the BIOS rev.... While I'm on the subject:-


This was a post I made ages ago, and the problem(s) still exists. I have come to the conclusion that a BIOS update may be the answer, if one exists.

Regardless, he asked me what the card is worth and I said around 15-20. Does this sound about right?


08-12-05, 07:08 PM
Yeah those prices are about right for both cards. I would lean towards the 20GBP, (sorry no idea how to make pound sign on my K/B) if the card is working. And the price for the GT is fine.