View Full Version : Cooler Master SLC-41-U1 or Zalman NB32J ??

08-13-05, 05:16 AM
Cooler Master SLC-S41-U1


Zalman NB32J


The reason I need a 40x40mm cooling solution is because I have a Voodoo5 5500 for my legacy system. But the V5 stock coolings don't do jack **** to cool down the processor.

See, both are 40x40mm, but the Zalman is a heatsink, while Cooler Master SLC-S41 is a heatsink/fan combo. However, the SLC-S41 doesn't have mounting appendage (cannot use mounting screw), so we have to use either thermal adhesive or frag tape. The Zalman, on the other hand, can be mounted using a pair of screw.

Now I'm pretty much squeamish in sticking anything permanent on my V5, so I guess I'll stick with frag tape (pardon the pun). However, IIRC frag tape is less efficient in transferring the heat to the heatsink. Is that true?

Which one is better? Anyone experienced in using either solution, or both? Which one you would reccommend?