View Full Version : Extending laptop battery life (Pentium M)

08-14-05, 07:28 PM
I saw this neat program a while ago that let you adjust the clock speed and cpu voltage and a bunch of other stuff on Pentium M based laptops.

Anyone know where I can find a program that does that? I can't remember where I saw this one.

08-14-05, 08:16 PM
on my 1.8GHz Pentium M notebook (T42) windows or some IBM based app did it automatcially. it automatically throttled back my cpu to conserve battery life and cranked it back up to 1.8GHz when necessary.

wish i had an answer as to what exactly did it...
all it did was change the cpu multiplier :)

08-14-05, 10:03 PM
Well I found it on my own: