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08-15-05, 12:16 AM

Yesterday my 6800GT sorta died on me. When rebooting, I noticed that the monitor didn't initialize until the Windows login screen appeared. This happens each time now. If I open a console window and press alt+enter to enter fullscreen, the display flickers between the text and several columns which appears to be the first scanline repeated downwards, about once a second. I've got some old dos programs which initializes other screen modes, and they also flicker in a similar way.

Except for that, it works like a charm. Each and every game plays perfect, no visual differences from before.

Any ideas? I've got no idea, except perhaps flashing the bios. However that'll be tricky as there's no display (I guess I can still flash if I find a PCI card?).

Thanks for any help!

08-15-05, 12:30 AM
are you positive its your graphics card? Have you tried resetting the CMOS on the motherboard?

08-15-05, 07:21 AM
kind of sounds like your windows install is screwed. You may want to try a reformat.

08-15-05, 04:44 PM
I'm absolutely sure of nothing, except when I came home from univ today and turned on my computer (it had been off for almost 18 hrs), everything seems to be back to normal!?!

I have one of those SLI boards, so I tried moving it to the other slot, and in both positions I tried both DVI ports (I have a flatscreen). The screen did not initialize properly until the windows driver was initialized, at which point everything seemed fine. Perhaps the screen got a hickup?

Well, I'm crossing my fingers that it's not happening again. I'd hate to have to shell out for another card (although two 6800GT in SLI should pack a punch, no? :))

Thanks though