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08-15-05, 08:29 AM
I have jst finished building a new computer:
asus A8V Deluxe
1 gb crossair xms ddr ram,
AMD 64 Winchester 3500+

these are all new, im currently waiting on a 6800gt card (currently geforce2 mx 200) and a 500w psu (currently 300w)

when i switch on the pc it sounds like it starts up but i never get a picture come up on the display.

Ive checked on the internet and my current card should work but i dont get a picture i have tried this on another monitor and didnt work either.

any suggestions would be great!

08-16-05, 11:13 AM
the monitor pins to see if you ave any bent pins. Most monitors have power save feature built in, thus the monitor is not wakeing from stanby mode. To verify this problem, checkthe power led on the monitor. This is usualy green, but if it is orange, it is in stand by mode. This happens when it does not sense an output. Bent pins can also cause this problem.

I would also check to see that the card is properly seated. Expecially if you don't see the post process, and if the pins on the VGA connector are not bent.

I would also check to see that monitor is pluged in, an that it is turned on.
I know it sound rediculous, but everyone has a dumb moment. :D

08-17-05, 12:21 AM
How long have you tried to run the computer with the monitors?

I was at a friends house with my computer once, and this one monitor was the last one we could try my comp on, and at first during bootup and into the windows loading screen, it just wouldn't show up properly..So, meanwhile I was sitting at the windows loading screen, and everything just worked after a minute or two of waiting..

08-17-05, 01:01 PM
Man there are so many things that can do that when you build a system. ie. ide floppy cables the wrong way or loose, case button cables the wrong way, case/expansion slot usb extensions hooked up wrong into the mobo, ram stick misaligned, cpu incompatibility, agp card misaligned, PS/2 keyboard in the mouses plug and more im sure.

Does it beep or do anything, is there a led on the mobo does it turn green, do the kb lights flash?

08-26-05, 09:48 AM
well all is fixed now it appears that i was sold a faulty motherboard, the new one works fine only its a bit tempremental in entering the bios, because it loads so fast i often dont press the button fast enough to enter the bios