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08-15-05, 10:58 AM
Ok first when I install new forcewares do I need to reinstall nvtweak as well, or just go back in a check what i want in nvtweak? Secondly On the overclocking page is it good to use the find optimal frequencies button? And lastly How can I chage the tempurature at which it warns me? :confused:

08-15-05, 08:54 PM
bump :(

08-15-05, 09:25 PM
I haven't used nvtweak but I assume you'd need to re-check the options again. With the plain "coolbits" version, you end up having to install it (double-click the registry file) every time you change drivers.

I don't think you can change the temperature that it warns you very easily (or, at least I don't think so).

08-15-05, 09:54 PM
ah ok thanks for responding