View Full Version : Trying to help a buddy out with new system.

Acid Rain
08-16-05, 12:42 AM
A friend of mine just threw together an inexpensive gaming rig.

It consists of:

Mobile Barton 2500, 512mb of cheapy mushkin pc 3200 (one stick), Abit NF7 S2G nForce 2 Ultra board (supposed to be a nice board for this class of hardware) and an MSI 6600GT.

Besides the ram, to me it looks like a stable component choice.
In fact, it runs prime95 for 8+ hours with no problems, however, when he goes to install or remove a program, his system locks up hard.

I've personally run my golden finger through his bios and such, and it should be platinum stable. Actually, it is, as long as he doesn't add or remove any programs.

The drives are newish (WD 80gig ATA 100 and a cheap but reliable Liteon DVD burner), so that probably isn't an issue.

Do you think ram could be the issue? Even though it primes on the blend test all night? Thanks, guys.