View Full Version : Artifact on NX6800GT due to Nforce drive update R Unfixable and Unexplainable???

08-17-05, 01:09 AM
Here we go!

MSI K7n2-v (k7n2 delta-il)
AMD Athlon XP 2800+
PC3200 512 DDR 400mhz
MSI NX6800GT (default clock, not overclocked in any way 350 2d 350 3d e 1000 mem the default)
80 GB 7200 RPM HD (3 partitions, C:10GB D:35GB E:35GB)

Got this video card about 3 months, working great since the arrival... perfect! Everything was perfectly fine, everything working, AA, and all that stuff that the video card does, in every way and config... with the defaults drivers that come along in a CD with the MOB and the 6800... So, i got a new game two days ago, that the sound have some problems, the FAQ of it said that was becouse some new stuff, and a sound update would do the trick... so i downloaded the newest NVIDIA nForce System Drivers (ver. 3.75), removed the old one and installed... and then started the nightmare... a huge Artifact, that psicodelic images, an mizing of colors and edges crossing the screen that gets worse if the camera turns... a really huge graphic distortion... So, i uninstalled it, and tried to put the old driver again... that so far, always worked great... unistalled the new, installed the old... and for my surprise, the F#$@%@ artifact wasnt gone... Desperate, tried again... and nothing... with no choice left i formated my C: where was the windows, in hope that a complete wipe would help... but no luck... the psicodelic images were still there...

Even with a format :/ from zero putting the old drivers, no results... now im in a crusade to find the fix... tried many drivers, official and beta... but only a reduction gained not a real fix...

But, im able to conter it, if i disable almost all the features of the card... turning the grafic in a crap :/ then some games dosnt show the problem (much, the colors in some places still totaly wrong, the artifact still there)

What happened? why cant i rev to the old drives with the good image that was? I was searching, found out very similar problem... and tested the drivers that helped them... but no way to fix it... actually im with this drivers....

VGA Card Model Name MS-8966
VGA Card BIOS Version
VGA Card Driver Version 7776

Mainboard Model Name MS-6729
Mainboard BIOS Vendor Phoenix-Award
Mainboard BIOS Version 5.40

If someone have an idea of what T H... happenned i would apreciate :( couse im going out of options... there is a chance that my card are now danificated? or its just some kind of incompatibility??? that changing the MOB would resolve :(

Couse i cant see why this is happening just becouse an update of the nforce :/ ... and some formats C: couldnt help :(

The problem only occurs in game... the windows, movies... and this kind of stuff still perfect :/ and the problem in game get worse if the AA is activated.... and some times if you keep changing the config its gone till you get any kind of loading... unexplainable??? Working perfectly fine to a total distortion... in about... 5 min :( and cant fix it :'( maybe an geral format in all the partitions? maybe another OS? Change the MOB???? but why worked fine for so long and after this up crashed??

HELP!!!!!!!!! plz

08-17-05, 03:11 AM
Just a guess, check your temps.

08-17-05, 09:04 AM
Ambient temp 40C video card 54C at playing :/

08-17-05, 01:14 PM
personally I'd say it's a very buggy game or you have a bad ram chip on your gfx card. Maybe one of the guru's here will jump in and help out?

08-17-05, 03:30 PM
1] Please check the card in any other computer.
2] If it gives the same problems in a different comp too, then its your card. RMA it.
i had the same card MSI NX6800GT, never O/C'd it, and after 3months of using it, 1 day it all of a sudden showed artifacts for no damn reason. didnt allow me to enter windows. so i gave it off.