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08-17-05, 10:25 PM
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For the last 8 months I have been using a POS phone from samsung. (model SPH-A460) Recently the screen would quit working on it intermittently, and I took it to the sprint store, and they did a free service on it since the phone had such a problem with the screen and the manufacturer was offering a free lifetime warranty. After the first service, it quit working again, so they fixed it again.

After that servicing, it quit working yet again, so they said it was a peice of crap and they would offer me 50% off of a semi-new cell phone of my choice provided they have it available (basically, phones that people buy and decide they don't want, so they return them within the 30 day period, and they have quite a selection of phones available like this right now, including the sanyo MM-8300.)

The thing is though, I don't know jack crap about the newest phones. For the most part, I hate cell phones, but they are a necessary evil. But, I figure that since I am getting a good discount, I may as well get a phone that has some niceities to go along with it, e.g. games for when you wait in line, etc, since I have to drag this thing around with me everywhere anyways.

I am also the type of person who has to pick apart and modify practically every single electronics device I own (e.g. my tivo and my xbox.) But while I am not really intending to go that far with a phone in that respect, I would like one that does the following:

- Allow you to upload your own:
1. ringtones
2. wallpapers
3. games (BTW, is there a standard API so that games for one phone will work for another phone? I heard some kind of embedded java is common, but is it an expensive feature? And do they charge recurring fees to use it like they do with everything else?)

And I mean upload your own as in not have to buy or download through their service for a fee (I heard ringtones go for $1.50 each...like I would ever pay that,) and also be subject to limited selections, like my last phone was which only had a small selection of very annoying ringtones available that quickly drive you insane.

- Include some kind of port for flash memory storage that can be easily used as a USB thumbdrive (it's bad enough always carrying a wallet, a cell phone, and a rather large set of keys in my pocket; not having to carry a thumb drive on top of that would help.)

- Possibly include digital audio (mp3 or otherwise) playback if you carry a small set of headphones with you (that would also be good for a hands free setup as well.)

- I don't particularly care about a camera phone, though it may ocasionally be convenient for blackmailing people :D so I don't care too much about the quality of the camera if it does come with one.

If anybody has anything immediately in mind, or knows of a good place to find out this info, or can just plain fill me in on the details of newer phones, let me know, thx.

08-17-05, 10:54 PM
There's no such thing as a good Sprint anything. Every single person I've known who has their service complains about it. I tried it myself and ended up returning it because the phones were of piss poor quality and the service sucked (couldn't even use it in my office). It's a shame Sprint doesn't use Motorola phones, at least you could get one of decent quality and durability anyway.

Samsung phones are crap, and Sanyo aren't any better (that's what I had). If you can possibly get an LG one, I would go with that. Their phones are pretty good.

08-17-05, 11:31 PM
Well, the main reason I go with sprint is because it is only costing me $10 a month for about a thousand or so minutes, except weekends and evenings are free for both local and long distance, free in network, and no roaming charges.

EDIT: BTW, I just noticed an LG phone that looks like it might fit what I am looking for? The model number is MM-535