View Full Version : 7800GTX \ Epox 9NPA+ clearance problem...

08-17-05, 10:34 PM
I got my MSI NX7800GTX in today....and its fanstastic, like my 6800GT on riods :D and solid at 490/1300 stock cooling.

But I did run into an issue with this card and my Epox 9NPA+ nf4U.
with an IDE cable in IDE1 the card would not seat because the IDE connector wedged under it...first I dremeled a notch as low as I could to try and get the card in low enough
but this still did not allow the 7800 to seat correctly
I had to move to IDE2 to get full clearance, luckly I only use 1 IDE cable

anyway, be aware of this if you plan on running a 7800\Epox

08-17-05, 10:51 PM
Nice workaround job! Thanks for the heads up.

5150 Joker
08-17-05, 11:04 PM
This isn't the first time an Epox board has run into trouble with an nVidia card. Back in the day the Epox 8KHA had a problem with the Ti4600 where it's capacitor would prevent the Ti4600 from being fully seated. I bought 2 more Epox boards after that but never again, no matter what people say, I think they are badly designed and of poor quality.