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08-18-05, 01:04 AM
{comp. specs below)

Whenever i am running a game, the computer will invariably freeze up and require a reboot. I have no clue why this is happening. It happens in all games with i have both a fully updated windows and an updated nvidia 77.77 driver. The freeze screen is the same pixel-flash image of the last frame i rendered, only its all pinks and greens and bright colors.

At first i thought this issue was heat, b/c immeditaly after my reboot i went into Bios and the mobo said my cpu was at 69C or so. The shutoff temp is 85C. So i get a new case since the old one is OLD, and i get the new Antec P180. All 3 case fans are enabled and the two next to the cpu are running at medium, the psu is running at low.

However, my computer still freezes during games and afterwards still says it is 69C. I fail to see how a great Antec case with 3 case fans makes the cpu the same temperature as my compusa case with 1 case fan. Is it the cpu? Do i need to replace the stock HSF and/or get thermal paste? Right now there is no thermal paste and there really never is much with my previous cpu's.

Is the problem with a defective graphics card? This started happening 2 months ago.

Are there CPU-only intensive tests and GPU only? that way i can isolate them and see if the computer freezes during both or just one.

Comp Specs:

AMD 3500+, 130nm, HSF
2x512 Mushkin Ram
PNY Geforce 6800GT
Thermaltake TruePower 480wt
Audigy 2 ZS
120GB Western Digital 7200rpm
LG DVD-RW burner
Antec P180 case with 3 case fans

08-18-05, 02:50 PM
run something like rthlbd (however you spell that) in a window, while you have the 6800GT's temp sensor in another iwndow, so you can look at both at the same time.

After 20 mins of running, whats your max temp?

After you close the graphics program, the temps should jump down significantly immediatly, then the rest slowly go back to normal.

If not, you probably have lots of dust hidden inside your 6800GT.. (had tihs asme problem).. even if it looks clean aircan the heck out of it all over the place... that fixed it for me.

if its not that, then you can move on..

08-18-05, 08:30 PM
i had a similar problem, but it was because my OC was too high on my cpu, heh.