View Full Version : Need help with custom resolution with 20" LCD

08-18-05, 03:10 PM
GeForce Go 6600 TE 128 M on a Tecra M4 Laptop. (The only display drivers I can install are the custom Nvidia drivers from Toshiba). The problem I am having is that I am using a Philips 200W 20 inch Widescreen LCD but can't get this card to push out the correct resolution (1680x1050x60hz). I've tried everything but have just not been able to get it to work. Tried both DVI & analog connections. Please help! Also the drivers do not allow any custom resolutions, I've also tried RivaTuner with no success.


08-18-05, 03:12 PM
You can download drivers that have been modified to support mobile GPUs from www.laptopvideo2go.com. He has all recent driver sets with appropriate modifications available.