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08-20-05, 12:13 AM
well i couldnt find the post i made earlier about my computer rattling, so i made this new one... :/

i was told that it was possibly my motherboard, case, or fan berring that rattles around a lot. well i dont think its one of those. i dont have a digital camera so this will be hard to describe...

next to my exhaust fan in the back and power supply, theres this green 'box' that flips up and down. it covers some kind of thing that looks like an engine, lol, this is tough to explain. when i move it around it makes the clicking noise i hear when my pc gets loud. after succesfully installing the corsair RAM i just bought (got 2 gigs now, BF 2 runs awesome!), i tried pushing the green 'thing' down really hard. it stopped some of the little annoying click click i kept hearing. im not really sure what i should do about it. when i run BF 2, my computer is really quiet, except that you can hear all the airflow and it gets pretty loud...(it's not too bad becuz i got those huge headphones that cover your ears, but i still would like to get it fixed)...ive spent a crap load on my computer latley...well me and my bro have spent $400(vid card, psu, and ram) after the psu its still loud, and my dad is offering to ''invest'' in the computer to make it silent...its a dell dimension 4600, which i hear are supposed to be really quiet, well not for me. i dont think i want to switch to water cooling with my luck lol. is there anything maybe a bit above 100 or less to make my computer not so loud. it sits in an armwga(no idea how u spell it, its like a desk type thing for computers), so the tower has about 4 inches in width on both sides, and theres a hole in the desk in the back for airflow. plus the room its in is all tile floors. the cramped space would make it echo, and if the room was carpeted, it would absorb some of the noise. pretty soon i think the pc is going upstairs without that desk, so that may help out, but not much. but anyways, can you guys suggest somthing that i could buy to make it less noisy?

-(person with all sorts of questions about computers, so he goes to this forum for people to answer it for him because he is lazy) :o

specs for my pc are below...

08-20-05, 06:30 AM
http://www.pcworld.com/reviews/article/0,aid,114964,pg,2,00.asp <- does yours look like that?

Ive never used a dell system before, but from these pics It look like the cooler for your processor. The green thing is used to either pull in air from outside or maybe get the hot air out directly from the cpu. It's probably just loose and maybe just needs to be tightend. If that doesnt work, ask dell to send you a new one.

08-20-05, 08:59 AM
Found your old thread. To find ur previous threads, just click on ur username and click view profile. then there's a link that shows all your threads.

From your description on your first thread, it could be that the fan on cpu is thermal controlled. So when you play games, the fan spins faster causing the green thing to rattle.

08-20-05, 04:19 PM
yes thats the green thing im talking about...theres no screws, so it cant be tightened...its really wierd, it covers the processor i guess. the only reason i think its there is that so the heat on the other side of the processor doesnt escape and heat up the other hardware in the pc, instead it covers that, and opens up by the fans and ventss o it escapes out through...anyone know of sumthing to make my computer quiter, besides watercooling...

oh and thanks for those two replies

08-21-05, 02:04 PM
should i try a different case for better airflow?

any1 wanna help please?