View Full Version : 2D overlays on 3D

08-21-05, 05:23 PM
..or something.

Basically my system goes like this, X2 4800+, 7800gtx sli, 2gb OCZ plat, XP64

Now, I like to play my games windowed. But when I launch CS:S or BF2, they don't load fully with any type of multi-GPU rendering mode.

CS:S loads up to the main menu but there's no text visible, I can hear the menu items click when I mouse over them. BF2 shows me the login screen then freezes, but the music is still going and if I click where 'login' is it beeps etc etc. I have to set SLI mode to the mega-pointless "single GPU rendering" mode to be able to play anything, and at a mapchange in either game i have to change SLI mode to something else and back again to get the screen refreshing again.

They both work fine full-screen, so I don't understand what's causing the problem. Are the cards not recognising the games as 3d apps? Anyone experienced this sort of thing?

08-21-05, 06:05 PM
Maybe it's a XP64 or XP64 driver issue. It works fine for me in WinXP 32.