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08-21-05, 08:05 PM
I don't know where too start.

About 3 weeks ago I recieved all the peices I ordered from newegg. After putting the computer together I experienced VERY high idling and worse load temps with the NEW leadtek 6800gt, uses a singleslot cooling device not the double slot which was advertised. My idle temps ranged from 63-69 depending on room temp, at 63 btw room temp was below 72F. I read over places with people saying even in the 90s the card ran fine, but im finding once the card hits 80 I get artifacting and its gets severe the higher up I go.
After a week of thinking I decided to pruchase the NV Silencer 5 Rev2, 3 sites were sold out so I put it on backorder at newegg and took a week before I ended up getting. I took my time and made sure I did a superb job on the card applying AS5 on the gpu, come to find out the new leadtek pin doesnt fit the connector on the NV Silencer5, both are 2 pin but different size and shaped connectors. Ive ended up taking the NV Silencer connector off completely and having the wires hooked up to the pins by the small metal connectors at the end of the wires that were seperated by the plastic connector, I have a peice of cut plastic seperating the 2 wires from touching eachother. After getting it to run and seeing the fan on the NV Silencer spin I was very happy untill I looked at Idle temp. Right now with cool air blowing through my room 71F, Thermaltake Tsunami case with 3 case fan and the NV Silencer5 on the leadtek 6800GT my idle is 70-71, and after playing doom3 for 3 mins I get severe artifacting. Please help, its worse now, the case is quite cool on the inside but putting my hand to the back of the case where the air is supposed to be exhausted out I feel almost no airflow at all, the silencer fan is spinning but it doesnt seem to be doing its job, how can I check the fan speed and alter it?

Please if anyone has experiences even close to this reply, 3 weeks now and the computer still isnt usable due to this problem, im sure ive voided the leadtek warranty with NV Silencer5 mod, and probably the nv silencer5 warranty witht he removal of the pin that didnt fit!?

Originally doom3 was playable with the stock leadtek heatsink/fan combo in my room without overheating tho it still got very hot, high 70's, but the problem here is the computer is for a friend, his house is quite hot, I sweat sometimes just sitting in his room, too me a better cooling solution wasnt a want, it was a need. Ask any questions or respond with any replys, I;m open to anything.

08-21-05, 09:40 PM
What 6800GT is that with single cooling is that? I though all Leadteks were 2 slot, like this: http://www.leadtek.com/3d_graphic/winfast_a400_2.html.

I don't know what to tell you, but at 71F didn't look like much. If was 71C it's going to be another story... Are you sure the NV5 are pretty tied on the GPU? What are the clocks? (Default 350/1000?)

What are the rest of the computer? Is it overclocked?


08-22-05, 05:36 PM
Heres Comp Specs.
Athlon 64 3200+ 939
Epox 9NPA nForce4 Ultra mobo
1gig HyperX memory
160gig Hiatachi sata II HD
Audigy 2 ZS
Leadtek 6800GT
Thermaltake Silentpower 480w
Thermaltake Tsunami case

Yes Leadtek's new 6800gts are singleslotted now, I was actually upset when i recieved it, http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16814122209 Read the reviews, people even talk about how they recieved singleslot. Its single slotted and the fan only halfway fills the circle vent intake.

My Room is 71F while the 6800gt Idles at that room temperature at 71C, sorry if its confusing heh.

No it isnt overclocked, nor is is the computer. Would have liked too but dont give at a damn at this point I just want it to work.

Anyone know how to adjust GPU fan speed? I know the NV Silencer5 rev2 is rated at 2000-2500rpm but it feels so slow and there seems to be almost no air coming from the exhaust out of the back of the comp which worries me.

Come on reply people, this comp was for friend and I paid with my own money till it is finished, I'm sorta in debt till I can sell it heh.

08-26-05, 05:32 PM
There is a software, ExperTool, which allows you to control the GPU RPM in 2D and 3D modes, its very nice.

My advice is to test the 6800GT in another computer. Benchmark it, see the temperatures with the RivaTurner temp monitor, and if it's the same thing, try to sell it and get another.

Leadtek is very nice brand, but this 1 slot cooler solution doesn't look so fine. The 2-slots like mine are a beast!!! My card was clocked 420/1120 and was doing on iddle around 58C, and full load at 82C (with 25-30C here at my room). Now It's on 400/1100 on 57/78C.

Good luck!