View Full Version : Ninja, do you have advance wars DS yet?

08-22-05, 12:55 PM
Man, supposedly it's supposed to be released today, but fricken best buy and eb games won't get it in until 2 more days. Anywhere you know where it is currently in stock?

08-22-05, 01:03 PM
Nope, usually game release dates mean they'll get shipped to retailers on the day of release and won't show up in the channel for another day or two. The exception of course is AAA titles like Halo 2 or Doom 3, but for the most part you can expect most video games to be available at retail on the Wednesday the week of release. Sorry, I know, I'm dying to get it too. :)

Mr. Hunt
08-22-05, 02:22 PM
Yeah... big titles are usually ready to buy on the release date... but most other games take a day (sometimes 2 with BestBuy and stuff) to get in stock and on shelves.

Sucks... but that is why I usually just order online... overnight shipping and so I get the game the same day I would without having to leave the house ;).

08-23-05, 01:24 AM

08-23-05, 01:31 AM

What is your problem?

08-23-05, 02:14 AM
What is your problem?

Nothing. :D

I just seen that image for the first time and I needed a good place to put it. Crapping in jonk's thread never gets boring.


08-23-05, 08:53 AM
Update for you jonk, I'll have my hands on a copy in about 30 minutes. Too bad I can't play it for another 8 hours... :P

08-23-05, 08:54 AM
where did you get it!

08-23-05, 09:21 AM
OK now I have it. Still can't play it. :(

I got it at EB Games, call your local one again, they should have it.

The manual has nice printing. :D


Well, I've spent the last couple of hours with this game. To say the very least, it was worth the price of the DS and then some - this game is spectacular and outshines its predecessors in every way. Any turn-based strategy fans owe it to themselves to pick this one up; games this good don't come around very often. Truly a masterpiece! I'll say more later on, gotta get back to it. :D

08-25-05, 08:30 AM
I just got the game yesterday. I love it.

The first 7 "tutorial" missions are pretty much weaksauce missions, but after that the real fun starts. I just beat the first black hole base, and THAT was an awsome strategy game experience. The whole "dual screen" (air/ground) combat is really awsome, and I love the dual-strike CO powers. To beat the black hole base I gathered my forces around the remaining units gathered at their base, dual-striked, and blew them into oblivion. HAHA I love it!

08-25-05, 08:50 AM
Heh yeah but the tutorial missions were nice to refresh my memory at least, and it was really cool seeing the new features unfold like that. I really like the dual-front battles as well, it's brilliantly implemented and adds a lot to the game. By the way did you check the extras store to see how many additional maps you can purchase? It's crazy.

I'm on mission 12 now. By the way, the first mission you get to where you encounter Black Boats make sure you capture the eastmost city on the northern island (where you start); it allows you to access a secret level where you learn to create your own Black Boats (it's also an awesome map, you control 4 COs!). And yeah tag powers are just sickeningly awesome. Just sucks when the CPU uses them on you! :D

After playing this game and watching some preview videos of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, as well as the rest of the game lineup, I can say that I'm more than satisfied with my DS purchase. Of course, I paid $149.99 for it last week and they went and changed the price to $129.99 this week, figures. :p

08-25-05, 08:55 AM
must buy this....

08-25-05, 09:03 AM
must buy this....
Yes this is a required game if you own a DS. Arguably there was no point to owning a DS prior to this game, now there is no excuse not to own one. ;)

I seriously haven't been this excited about gaming in a long time. There are some fanastic titles lined up in the coming months for all platforms! This is a great time to be a gamer. :D

08-25-05, 09:06 AM
Yeah the DS really isn't messing around with it's game lineup anymore. They got a bit of a weak start at launch, but now they got the ball rolling, and it's an awsome handheld.

I mean just take a look at some of the top games in it's future lineup:

Castlevania DS
Mario Kart DS
New Super Mario Bros.
Metroid Prime: Hunters
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nintendo's going old school w/ ninja turtles again!)
Zelda DS

edit- oh yeah and worms DS too

I will be buying all of the above games. The only thing that would make me happier would be a ninja gaiden DS

08-25-05, 09:11 AM
I'd like to see some good RPGs as well, on the caliber of Golden Sun or so. Lunar might be a good one.

08-25-05, 09:14 AM
I'm sure they'll do a Golden Sun for the DS. The series was just too good not to continue it. I've played the first one, and with it's ending it was obvious there would be a sequel, but did the second one have a cliffhanger ending as well?

Lunar looks ok, but I'm not convinced about it just yet. They are making a new Final Fantasy DS but that isn't out until 2006.

08-25-05, 09:30 AM
Oh sweet, well, I'm definitely stoked about that!

Honestly though right now I'm totally happy with Advance Wars DS. I'm sure it'll keep me more than occupied until Castlevania comes out so I'm perfectly content for the time being. :D