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12-25-02, 12:05 AM
Wonderful Wife got me a MX700 mouse for Christmas which makes me very happy, but in my first session of using it after charging up I got this behavior:

o If I leave the mouse in its cradle while Windows boots, the mouse is not detected and does not work once windows has started. Is this normal? I forsee myself forgetting to pull the think out of its cradle while computer is booting.

o Just after windows started, the mouse movement stopped and started while programs finished loading, then windows crashed with blue screen about IRQ conflict. After rebooting, I could not find any conflicts with DeviceManager. My computer was 100% stable before.

o The mouse movement appears to need some calibration so when I move the mouse horizontally, the cursor moves horizontally, not up or down as well. The logitech software does not appear to have calibration like the MS one did.

Logitech 9.75 drivers
AMD AthlonXP

12-25-02, 12:16 AM
keep it about 8 inches away from speakers or monitor or the case. The receiver has a "connect" button, press it, it will light up, now on the bottom of your MX700 there is a smaller "connect" button near the back of the bottom of the mouse. Press the connect on the receiver first, then while it is lit up press the connect on the mouse. That should solve your problem.:D ;) Great choice on mouse by the way.:D

EDIT: Wouldn't know about IRQ problem. What cards do you have installed in you PCI slots?

12-25-02, 07:04 PM
Hope you get that problem of yours sorted Greg, as it's a very nice mouse. :)

Bought mine about a month back, kind of an early christmas gift to myself. :D

The Baron
12-25-02, 09:41 PM
what's your mobo?

12-26-02, 03:52 AM
I think I have my problem sorted out. I moved the base station well away from my speakers and modem and I havn't had a problem since. The mouse is plugged into the PS/2 port. My motherboard is Asus A7M266. I also have not had a crash since. The mouse is on IRQ12 and has no clonflicts or erratic behaviour. I read in one review of the product that the reviewer had a similar crash the first time they used it.

I think the horizontal movment issue I mentioned is just the way I use the mouse, I think I will adjust to it over a few days.

I notice a couple of other problems though:

o Once in a while when scrolling down with the scroll wheel, the screen scrolls up one line, then down a few lines.

o The scroll wheel doesn't work at all in Unreal Tournament or Operation Flashpoint even with the latest 9.75 drivers. I fixed this problem by uninstalling the Logitech drivers and using generic PS/2 mouse. I tried the Tweak UI thing but couldn't get it to work.

Overall the mouse feels good, has no perceivable lag and doesn't skip when used on friendly surfaces.

12-26-02, 10:19 AM
I got the blue screen crash and mouse disconnect to occur again. When I reinstalled the logitech drivers for a test, I got the following blue screen message. It wasn't a IRQ afterall:

STOP: 0x44 (0x8219c020, 0xd60, 0x0, 0x0)

I belive it only occurs when the new driver is first installed and it conflicts with the old driver. After 2 reboots (1 crash, 1 disconnected mouse) windows is fine again.

12-26-02, 01:31 PM
go to the logitech support site, they have a registry file for gaming. Whenever my mouse is left laying there, it tends to move a little, one pixel at a time, really annoying, but I guess just gotta put up with it.:D ;)

12-26-02, 09:26 PM
I believe I have solved all problems now. To get the mouse wheel to work in games and still use MouseWare, all I had to do was stick the mouse in a USB port, not PS/2, and re-install the latest drivers. I have heard from others on the www.unrealtournament2003.com forum that you will never get the wheel to work with MouseWare while it is plugged into the PS/2.

Hey [eNv]-LORD-eX-Bu, I noticed the mouse doing the 1 pixel walk once, but my old MS Intellipoint Optical did the same thing regularly.

12-27-02, 05:49 PM
has anyone got the side buttons to work with mohaa and mohaa spearhead under XP?

12-28-02, 01:50 PM
has anyone got the side buttons to work with mohaa and mohaa spearhead under XP?

Only when I've installed the MS software driver and plugged the the mouse into the PS2 port.

Been having some problems with that setup of late myself, so went back to the logitech ones and the USB port. :(

I've tried this regedit with no luck also: http://www.ina-community.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=245644

12-28-02, 02:29 PM
I only use the usb port, cuz I have 8, and seeing how I am only using 2, the other six are going to waste. But does anyone know if you can plug logitech elite cordless into usb port? :confused:

12-28-02, 05:17 PM
Originally posted by zippermcfrag
has anyone got the side buttons to work with mohaa and mohaa spearhead under XP?

I didnt think that MOH or SP supported the extra mouse buttons, as they dont work on my MS Intellimouse Explorer :confused: