View Full Version : Asus A8N-Premium Inverted?

08-23-05, 11:13 PM

Recently my chipset fan on my DFi mobo started to make the most loud noise ever. I first thought it was my video cards, but aparnetly ive been hearing the chipset fan the whole time. I contacted DFi, and they were huge jerks about it and wont send me a replacement unless i mail it in.

I then thought I might as well upgrade to the Asus board that didnt have SLi jumpers etc. And what was even better, is it had a leet heatpipe, no NOISE!!!! However, I then wonderd if my case witch Inverts my motherboard would cause the heatpipe to not function properly? Anyone know in depth how heatpipes work. Or did someone already put a A8N-Premium in a inverted mobo yet?

Also, if i can get a aftermarket fan that will fit (Rember the chipset is RIGHT under both of my video cards) id galdy do that insted. My last alternative is to cut the fans power and see if it really is nessisary. As im a strong beliver that chipset fans are for decoration only. However after feeling how hot it is I am wavering in this case.

Any Thoughts?

08-23-05, 11:27 PM
I run this board in an Lian Li PC V1000B case which inverts the mb as well and the heatpipe works just fine.


08-24-05, 12:01 AM
Ah woot, as soon as i save enough moneys ill be ordering a A8V-Premium (silent goodness). And while im at it might as well get a 4400+ :d

rma my dfi, move fx-53 to secondary comp heh.