View Full Version : CS:S DEATHMATCH server!

08-24-05, 12:52 AM
It rocks! the best aspects of Counterstrike Source and Deathmatch, combined! with respawn!

08-24-05, 05:18 AM
CS:S DM Is lame... only people who can't play CS play it.

08-24-05, 05:28 AM
I dunno if this is the same server or not that I played on, but CSS: DM is prety darn cool

I was just browsing servers and grabbed the one with the lowest ping and highest amount of people, and when it first started I was confused as heck. But once I realized it was Deathmatch it was AWESOME. I really enjoyed it. It was great practice to aim quick, switch guns quick, always check your back, get better at telling the difference in teams fast...

I play normal CSS OK (I consider that getting above 1 for K/D ratio) and honestly I found DM pretty darn entertaining. Not something I'd play all the time, but heck worth a game or two


08-24-05, 09:53 AM
I'm telling you, its fun.. try it.

and it is good practice.. I really need to get better with my intitial quick aim and burst fire with the rifles..

I'm okay, but against the much better clan guys/gals, I get slaughtered since they always seem to hit me with the first 3-4 bullets before I can hit them. Same goes with the AWP practice.

Yea, I dunno if I would play it ALL the time, but its a good break from normal CS S

08-24-05, 09:39 PM
interesting. might be good for some target practice!

08-25-05, 02:41 PM
CS:S DM Is lame... only people who can't play CS play it.
Actually people who want to take a break from the seriousness of CS play it.

I enjoyed CS:DM on 1.6, was a laugh over vent.

08-27-05, 02:40 AM
I play on DM servers to play with guns that I don't play with often enough. I've enjoyed bring up my level with the AUG as I don't fancy the colt.

-- jolt