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12-25-02, 06:19 AM
Hi everyone,

This is my first post to this site. been watching it for a while.

I have a question about what is the best memory to use with the A7N8X deluxe motherboard?

I ordered and recieved this...

A7N8X deluxe M/B
Athlon 2800 XP
2-256m Corsair XMS PC-2700
WD ATA 133 7200 rpm 8mb catch
volcano 9 H/S

I have seen a few setups that said they ran better with 2 sticks of the 333 memory and now after I orded this some are saying that the 400 is getting it done better. Has anyone messed with and benched the two types of memory now that they have been out for a little while?

If you have is it better to go with two sticks of 256 or go with one 512 of whichever?

Basically I'm trying figure out if I made the right decision on the memory because I can return it if I do it quick.

thanks for any imput:confused:

12-25-02, 05:20 PM
I don't have an AMD system, but when I turn my memory down to DDR333 speeds, yes I can notice a difference, DDR400 got me over 13,000 in 3dmark without overclocking. Also, DDR400 is great for overclocking, on my mainboard, I have it set at CAS 2.0 with ultra timings, it goes, safe, normal, turbo, ultra :D Now, I know this all depends on the mainboard, but seeing how my DDR400 is a few months old, and how my motherboard isn't even supposed to support DDR400, I'd say DDR400 is great. I can't even think of building another system with anything lower.;) :D

12-25-02, 05:59 PM
When running an nForce2 mobo...chances are you'll find that the best performance comes from running the Memory synchronously with the CPU ( ie: 333MHz FSB for CPU works best with 333MHz FSB for Memory [PC2700 timings] )

Take a look at a few different nForce2 reviews and you can see where you should be looking...

Good luck...great system man!


12-25-02, 06:59 PM
nforce motherboards perform noticeably faster with 2 ddr sticks and synchronous bus, and some mobos, including the asus a7n8x can run at a 200FSB with DDR 400 and fast settings.

VIA motherboards run slower with 2 sticks and may even require to lower the memory settings to run stable, specially when running DDR400.

12-25-02, 09:23 PM
Like pelly said..It runs best with what is was made for...I read on the ASUS boards that people were getting errors running XMS 3200DDR..


Im running pc2700 with my A7n8x..I didnt want to chance buying higher DDR in returns for errors..:(


12-26-02, 09:14 PM
Thanks guys for all your help:)

I'll go ahead and keep the Corsair xms 2700. I'm not quit ready for overclocking as of yet and the perfomance differance I found out so far is pretty much a non factor. I'm going to pick the new puter up tomorrow. Can't wait to take it for a test drive.

I'm going from a 1 gig athlon to this system, so there should be one heck of a differance:D

Now I can make my Gainward golden sample ti 4600 sweat alittle. he he

By the way Tom's hardware had some benchmarks to back up what Pelly, cotita, and plonk said. Even had the same mobo and chipset.