View Full Version : Hardware issues with nforce 3 and 6800 gt?

08-26-05, 12:04 PM

amd 64bit xp 3500 whinchester
corisair xms pc 4400
wd raptor hd 74gig
2 maxtor hd 6E040L0
Power Supply
Thermatake 430 wt xp 550
CORSAIR XMS 1GB DDR SDRAM Unbuffered DDR 550 (PC 4400)
6800 GT a400 leadtek
Gigabyte k8ns ultra nforce 3

What i have changed:
overclocked cpu to 213 from stock 201
older drivers 66.93 for graphics card

Problem: Game Freezes for 1 - 2 secs constantly while playing (bf2). when i overclock the cpu more the game does not freeze anymore just locks up the computer.

What i have tried:
Older drivers - Runs better fewer freezes
Turned off FW in bios - no effect
ran compatibility mode for my mobo from riva tuner - no effect

i am running my video card at default clocks which bothers me because i have over clocked it to 407 1.15. i am disapointed because i can't overclock my cpu any higher without more problems and my memory can not be overclocked any more because if i change the multiplier and up the fsb computer will not start. i am sort of a nub at this and need some help. All i know it was much easier to OC my old POS computer w/o problems. :fu: :nanahump:

08-26-05, 02:08 PM
What settings are you playing BF2 at? Most are saying you need 2gb's of RAM for that to not stutter on higher quality. No issues here with the same board and 6800gt. Are any of your harddrives swapping when it's stuttering?