View Full Version : black and white screen on windows 2000 profession service pack 3 and sli

08-27-05, 12:31 AM
yeah im having trouble with windows running sli the problem is when ever it gets ready to load system settings i get a black and white screen ive tried taking one of the cards out switching them still i get the black and white screen i tried one card at time then it works but when i put them together thats when i run into problems anyone have any idea of whats going on im new to this whole sli thing and dont know much about troubleshooting graphics cards least not two at the same time can anyone help me out oh and here's my specs
asus A8N-sli deluxe
asus 6600 graphics cards
2.0ghz kingston memory
amd 64 3500 (2.2ghz)

08-27-05, 06:45 AM
Are your video cards SLI capable? Most 6600 non-GT cards are not. Also, have you upgraded to Win 2k SP4?