View Full Version : I can't get Steam To Load so I can Play HL2 Offline

08-27-05, 04:56 PM
I thought I had done posted this but I don' see it.I got some new ram so I decided to do a clean install ,when I went to install HL2 again everthing went fine It loaded and went though all the other updateing it does,but now it will not let me play HL2 because on start up up I get this Error .
Steam.exe(main exception): Win32 StructuredException at 0263825F :Attempt to read from virtual address 898324483 without appropriate access rights.
I have the DVD collectors edtion and use to not have this problem ,steam would load in my tray and when I would click on HL2 it would ask do I want to play in offline mode ,but now steam will not load when I start my computer and when I click on HL2 I get the error as describe above,If I hook up to steam on the internet it will start steam and then I can Play HL2 and even when I disconnect from steam It will let me play HL2 offline,but as soon as I shut down for the night and I go to play the game the next day I get the same problem,I have been to steampowered net site and there are other people with the same problem but there seems to be no help on the problem,and it has to be one of the updates that was added to HL2 because it used to run fine when I would do a clean install but now I have this problem and no one seems to know what to do,I have a slow ass dial up internet so it takes some time to reinstall the game but I have reinstalled it three time and this same problem happens ever time,I love the game HL2 but I only play single player and this to me is a lot of hell to go though just to play the game ,I would try some of the patches that bybasses steam but I don't want to get ban of the site.

08-28-05, 05:32 AM
I had pretty much exactly the same problem a week ago, I updated steam and for no reason it wouldnt load offline and it came up with the same error message only a slightly different number.

I was about to post my problem here in the forums but i tried to fix it myself first.

Try this: Load steam up while connected to the net, right click on the steam icon, click monitor to make sure it isnt updateing anything!! Disconnect your internet but leave steam running. Exit steam and load it up again without your internet connected and see what happens. If it loads restart your pc and load staem again.

Oddly enough this worked for me and steam runs fine in offline mode now.

Try it and let me know what happens :)

08-28-05, 09:25 AM
i was going to help but reading your post gave me a really bad headache.

08-29-05, 03:56 PM
I think there's a compatibility issue with Iconpackager and Steam. If you are using Iconpackager, I'm betting that's the source of your probs.

08-29-05, 03:59 PM
Question: I can't get Steam To Load so I can Play HL2 Offline?

Answer: uninstall it, return it to the store and buy a decent game.

09-08-05, 02:08 PM
The way I fix mine where I can play offline like I used to was to delete the
Client Registry.blob file from my vavle folder and then let it update again and it was fixed,now it will load up steam and I can choose to play offline without haveing to connect to the internet to play H.L.2

09-08-05, 02:22 PM
i was going to help but reading your post gave me a really bad headache.
Yeah, my eyes started to cross after a bit. My inner monologue sounded like an auctioneer.