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08-28-05, 07:39 AM
It happened. I have officially lost my taste for playing computer games. I guess it was a combination of things. I've recently gotten an itch to read more books, school just started, and I just purchased my first street bike (very fun). Well, perhaps some of you will benefit from this.


*Splinter Cell Chaos Theory (DVD) - Includes all original packaging - $18 Shipped

*Xbox controller that I modded so that I could use it with my PC. It works great and is fun especially if you have a HDTV hooked up to your pc and want to kick back and play some games. I enjoyed it :D - $15 Shipped

Pending *Half-Life 2 Steam Silver Package - This obviously has no packaging. Once I recieve payment for this item I will PM my user name and password. The password should be changed by the buyer ASAP - $25

Pending *Resident Evil 4 - Incluldes all original packaging - $25 Shipped

Pending *I would also like to get rid of these Matrix DVD's. I have all three movies and will sell them all for $15 Shipped.

Sold *BattleField 2 (DVD) - Includes all original packaging and headset - $22 Shipped

Thats it. That is the last of my stash of games and game related stuff. I've been getting rid of them slowly over the last several months.

I normally accept money via paypal only, unless you really want something and don't want/have a paypal account. In that case we can work it out.

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PM sent!

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Mmmm...BF2 :thumbsup: