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08-28-05, 12:05 PM
Please help - I have strange shade effect on the right side of any contrast images or text. For example when text is black and backround is white then it shows very well. This shade effect is vertical and is on the most left side of the screen too for whole hight of it - from the top to the botton. It shows like few more vertical lines paralelly with the corner. I'm new with nVidia cards and I hope it is not usual case and normal :) I have Gainward 6600 GT, 128 MB DDR3. It shouldn't be monitor's case beouse it wasn't in previous. Thank you for any help.

Daneel Olivaw
08-28-05, 12:12 PM
please take either a screenshot (prt scr) or a picture with a digital camera

08-28-05, 12:25 PM
well, it is dificult to take a picture with digital camera from monitor. Best one I did I'm enclosing. It is after symbol "{". You can see few vertical grey lines. It has hight of text here but for a window it has its height. Thanks

08-29-05, 01:44 AM
are you using the VGA or the DVI connector of your 6600? 'i've been facing the same issue when using the VGA connector to connect to LCD monitors (well, "cheap ones" which didn't have a input DVI connector) ....this issue is something more like a "ghosting" effect and it's usually caused by bad output VGA stages on video card (most of the time), bad vga cable or bad input stages in monitors (rare ocasions) ....if you don't see the same thing when using your monitor on another vga card then the problem is definitely your 6600 ...

08-29-05, 01:47 AM
I've had that issue before but it cleared itself up just randomly one day...

08-29-05, 01:59 AM
Which drivers are you using?

08-29-05, 03:01 AM
I tryed original drivers from bundled CD ver. 6.14. Then I installed original drivers from manufacturer's web site ver. 7.4 and then I tryed drivers from nVidia web site ver. 7.7. My card has only 2x DVI otputs but 2x DVI 2 VGA reductions are included. I'm using one of it becouse I have analog 21" sony trinitron which I wouldn't change now.
Before this GF 6600 I had ATI Radeon X600XT and this problem wasn't there. Do you think I should use waranty of the card and try to change it ? Thanks

Daneel Olivaw
08-29-05, 06:12 AM
Looks like the interference I had with a vga splitter (switch)

08-29-05, 03:42 PM
hey, it seems I solved it :) I separated VGA cable from others, put WiFi router far away from it, changed DVI-VGA convertor to other one and now it is much much more better. Not best, I still can barelly notice it but very good I think :) Thanks for help