View Full Version : Normal temperature for Xeon 2.8?

08-28-05, 05:09 PM
I just built 2 Servers with dual 2.8Ghz 800Mhz FSB and Temp gets around 42c - 55c 58c full load. I tried looking online the normal max temps for xenons and found different results.

Im using passive duct cooling heat sinks with tornado and smart fans.

Such as:
Environmental Parameters
Min Operating Temperature 50 F
Max Operating Temperature 95 F
Humidity Range Operating 20 - 80%

(Seems a bit odd)



Environmental Parameters

Min operating temperature 41

Max operating temperature 167



operating temperature: 0 - 45c
*LV Xeon Operating Temperature 0 - 45 c
Storage Temperature 0 to 70c


Do you think I should be alright or what?

08-28-05, 05:13 PM
I belive that is alright tempatures, those are prescott cores known to be very, very very hot.

A small story, I have a friend who works at the HP plant in Indianapolis. They were working on single processor xeons and doing burn ins. When he touched the heatsink, he burnt the living crap out of his finger. Yes, they get that hot.