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08-29-05, 10:30 AM
In an effort to solve the nForce3/GF6800 issue I'm having of random lockups, I think I've stumbled on a solution that works for me.

Basically, I underclocked my BFG 6800U from core clock 425 to 420. I did this for both 2d and 3d using coolbits 2.

My question is should I adjust the memory frequency too? Is it ok to adjust the one and not the other, or for best/safe results should they both be underclocked? (I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to such stuff).

I've played around with WoW and the FEAR demo and so far all seems well. No random freezes of 3-5 seconds etc.

08-29-05, 10:41 AM
The core clock and memory clock aren't related. If you can get away with leaving the memory at stock, then you may as well do so. It won't make it any stable to underclock both unless the memory frequency is too high as is. That sucks though that you have to resort to this to fix the freezing problem. I assume you have Fast Writes off already and have tried a lot of drivers. Have you tried talking to BFG about getting a replacement? I've heard that it only happens on certain cards and you might get a replacement that doesn't do so. (It never happened to me in my 6800U/nf3 days)

08-29-05, 10:44 AM
Random lockups are often cause by isufficient power. What is your power supply?

08-29-05, 11:14 AM
keith33 -- Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I've tried numerous drivers and found the last set that seems to work are the 71.89's. Fast Writes are off. I don't really need anything above that I guess (for now at least) -- I don't play BF2 so the missing shader problem isn't an issue for me. I do like to try and stay current with my drivers though. I might see if I can RMA this card. Gotta be worth a shot.

acrh2 -- I'm using a Levicom 550w psu.

Thanks for the speedy replies guys :)

08-29-05, 01:24 PM
don't worry about it. i have my gpu core underclocked to 250mhz for 2d mode for temp concerns and my memory is oc'ed to 1.1ghz. gpu and memory clock speeds aren't dependant on each other for stability.

as for your stuttering problem. yes, underclocking either or both your gpu and memory can get rid of it. if you look for my posts in the stuttering sticky you'll see info about flawed nf3 chipsets that choke up when it receives bad calls which any good chipsets shouldn't do in combination with early versions of gpu cards that aren't 100% stable speculation i posted which many think is the cause of the stuttering problem on nf3 platforms. be warned, this speculation isn't too popular with many fanboys.

it seems to be a problem that affects early versions of the geforce 6 series cards in combination with the nf3 chip. either replace your motherboard with a via chipset motherboard or get an rma on your card and hope you get a recently manufactured geforce 6 series cards which don't seem to have this problem.

08-29-05, 06:04 PM
my card stutters but only if I OC it too much therefore I wouldn't really consider it to be a bug. his on the other hand is screwy.