View Full Version : 6800 PCI-E 256MB stuttering

08-30-05, 07:57 PM
i have a problem with my new PCI-E 6800 nu 256MB. When i start farcry it will work well for a minute then it will quickly pause every second or so. Then the sound goes all distorted. I've tried reinstalling all the drivers, i've tried 78.11 instead of 80.40. didn't change a thing.
halflife 2 stutters the sound and frames (similar to farcry, but shorter intervals) after about a minute of gamepley. I'm going CRAZY here!
mobo is DFI nf4 lanparty.
i used to have a 6800 GTO@ultra in there before. would it help if i uninstall the display driver again and use drivercleaner?

09-01-05, 07:37 AM
bah fixed it, had to reformat