View Full Version : Aopen 6800gt overclocking problems.

08-30-05, 09:13 PM
It seems whenever i try to overclock say to ultra lvls or even semi near my aopen 6800gt agp makes my screen randomly go crazy and hang when i play a 3d game it just hangs with random colors on the screen which i assume is what usually happens.
when i measure the temps it's around 75 if i remember correctly, under load.
when i uses the auto overl****er it says i should be at 437 core 1.6 memory
any chance it's the memory on this board overheating?
perhaps i should take off the heatsink and put some artic on it and get rid of the thermal pads which is uses for the memory.
also i saw the thread about putting on a 90mm fan instead of the stock shroud it just sits right on top...think this would really help me overclock?
also videos in windows media player are wikkid overbrightened and no messing with the color controls seems to help...could this be because of the card?

other then that it's just a p4 2.8 ht with 1.5 gigs of slow memory.
also i have a Thermalright XP 120 with a 220cfm 120mm fan i'm about to put on...i just thought i'd share that because i'd like to get into overclocking and i enjoy 3d games played at there full potential..

thanks in advance.

edit: i hope this makes sense...

08-30-05, 10:43 PM
It looks like the auto-overclocker is over rating your card.
I'd try testing manually at 400/1.1 and see how it holds up.
437 core seems high for stock cooling, and 1.6 on memory is extremely high.

08-30-05, 10:48 PM
i never use the overclocked settings it hangs almost immediatly if i remember correctly. whhen i was running at 400/1000 i still got hangups...
should i use rivatuner and make it a 6800ultra?

08-30-05, 11:36 PM
I wouldn't, myself, if you're allready getting hangups.
What I would do is just keep bumping it down until you get no artifacts, corruption or hangups.
It's luck of the draw for overclocking. That goes with videocards, ram, cpus and anything else you can think to overclock. Some times you get a winner that'll give you a nice OC and some won't budge more than 5mhz without going nuts.

With my BFG 6800 GT OC it comes stock at 370/1ghz which I can push to 400/1.1, but that's as high as it'll go. Temps here are fine as well but I end up in the same boat you're in.